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Adult Sailing

Focus on Sailing (FOS) is a membership-based sailing program with a fleet of Sonars and Ideal 18s at TAYC. Once you have paid your modest dues ($300 for the year), completed your FOS Release Form and have been checked out on the boats, you can use them at your leisure but must sign up to use them through our sign up links here: for Sonar and Ideal 18s. The Sonar is available to FOS members for racing in OARS if a boat is available. However, you must also register and pay for an OARS registration prior to using a boat for an OARS race.

We currently have 1 Sonar and 2 Ideals. The Ideals are a good beginner boat, and Sonars are more for racing – both AYC and GIYS have active Sonar fleets as well.

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